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BK Radio Repair Process

49er Communications’ Certified Repair Center offers a PDQ Repair and QA Inspection Program for Bendix King radios. With 19 years of repair experience, we know exactly how to get your radio functioning again. Due to our focus on professionalism, dependability, and speed, you’ll be using your BK radio again in no time.

Download, print and fill out the Bendix King Radio Repair Form.

Package your Bendix King radio and send it in with the repair form.

We take it from there and you receive your Bendix King radio fully repaired in about 1-2 weeks.

Tiered Pricing Structure.

Rather than charging by the hour for Bendix King radio repairs, our fee is based on what is wrong with your Bnedix King radio. This method of pricing helps keep BK Radio repair cost consistent for our valued customers. Included in your repair bill is the diagnosis of your BK Radio. After we diagnose your Bendix King Radio, the price is determined by looking up the needed repairs on the schedule below.

If you need pricing information for Bendix King DPHX5102X, DPH5102X-CMD, GPH5102X-CMD, KNG-P150S, KNG-P150-CMD, KNG-P150 and other KNG P series radio repairs, see our Bendix King portable radio tiered pricing table below. To determine the repair pricing for Bendix King Mobile radios, such as the DMH5992X, GMH5992XP, KNG M150 and other KNG M series radios use the Bendix King mobile radio teired pricing table below.

TLC Treatment

Every radio sent in for repair gets the TLC treatment. This includes:

Portable Bendix King Radios Including DPH, GPH, and KNG
TierWhat's IncludedPrice
PDQTLC Treatment$175 / $225
Tier IIPDQ + PTT Repair, Antenna Repair, Gaskets, O Rings, Screws, Washers, Capacitors, Switch Boot, Channel and Volume Knobs, Flex Ribbon, Inlays, Top Plate, Bezel, Nuts, Rubber Keypad Cover, Cloths, Back Plate, Stand Off, Mic$240 / $290
Tier IIITier II + LCD Display, Speaker, Volume or Channel Rotary, Switches, Silicon$295 / $345
Tier IVTier III + LCD Keyboard Display, Systems RX, Options Board$395 / $445
StealthReplace Old Front & Back Exterier Housings with Brand New Black Metal Housings$150 / NA
StingerReplace Old Front & Back Exterier Housings with Brand New Black & Yellow or ALL Yellow Metal Housings$175 / NA
Dash or Remote Mount Mobile BK Radios GMH, DMH, and KNG
TierWhat's IncludedPrice
PDQTLC Treatment$200 / $395
Tier IIPDQ + Gaskets, Screws, Washers, Capacitors, Channel and Volume Knobs, Flex Ribbon, Inlays, Bezel, Nuts, Silicon Key Caps, Stickers, Fuse$330 / $475
Tier IIITier II + LCD Display, Speaker, Volume or Channel Rotary Switches, Face Plate Housing$390 / $535
Tier IVTier III + Replace Systems RX or Options Board$480 / $625
Install Kit, Power Cord, Microphones, External Speakers, and Remote Mount Cables are additional costs

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