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Problem: My BK Radio won’t turn on.

  1. Check both the charger’s wall plug and the cord’s connection to the charging unit. A slight bump to either can throw off the connection and prohibit the battery from charging.
  2. If your charger is plugged in correctly, check the docking between the battery and the charger. Make sure all battery charging points touch their respective charging terminals.
  3. Did the charger light up when the battery was put in? If not, the problem is most likely with your charger and not the battery. Use a different one.

Problem: My BK Radio dies sooner that it should.

  1. Are you using a new battery? New batteries need an initial charge of at least 12 hours to ensure it will cycle through charges correctly.
  2. Charge your battery with the radio turned off. It won’t charge properly otherwise. In fact, charging a radio while it’s on can ruin the battery and in the process void your unit’s warranty.
  3. Batteries charged with the proper care start degrading after a year. Switch batteries if the one you are using is older than 12 months. Compare batteries and find the best battery for your BK Radio at our BK Radio Battery Store
  4. If a new battery doesn’t result in longer battery use, then something is amiss with your radio’s hardware. Bring it to us and we’ll fix it. BK Radio Repair Form

Problem: My BK Radio charger keeps blinking.

  1. If this persists for five minutes or more, this means your battery can’t hold a charge. It’s time to replace it. Find the battery you need at our BK Radio battery store BK Radio KNG series batteries

Problem: My battery was dead, but the charger light turned green very quickly.

  1. If your charger light turns green within the first ten minutes of charging a battery that’s seen heavy use, there is a problem with your battery. It’s incapable of holding a charge. You’ll need to purchase a new battery. You can easily compare all of the Legacy series Bendix King Radio batteries on our comparison page.

Problem: My radio continuously beeps on a programmed channel.

  1. Change batteries to one you know is fully charged.
  2. If the beeping continues, the problem lies with your radio itself. Send it to us for repairs.

Problem: I can’t transmit/receive.

  1. Determine which radio has the issue:
    1. Using three radios, use one to transmit to the other two to determine which radio isn’t working properly.
    2. Complete the repair form and send the effected radio to us for repair.

Still have a problem with your BK Radio?

If you were not able to get your Bendix King radio working by following the troubleshooting proceedures above we can repair your BK Radio for you. Please follow the instructions on the Repair Process page.

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