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We Repair All Radio Models Approved for Use With USFS

By: 49er Communications

USFS Contractors have been trusting their Bendix King radio repairs to 49er Communications for many years. We also repair Bendix King radios for municipal fire districts from all over the country. Our repair shop continues to grow because we repair your Bendix King radio correctly the first time and you get your radio back in days instead of weeks.

We repair every model of mobile and portable radio that approved by the USFS for use by its cooperators and contractors. If you use your radio with USFS we can fix it fast. All the information you need to get your Bendix King Radio repaired is on the Bendix King Radio Repair Page.

Before you send in your Bendix King radio for repair. There are a handful of simples things you can check using our Bendix King radio troubleshooting guide. This could possibly save you quite a bit of time and expense.

Bendix King Repair Station #3

Bendix King Repair Station #2

Located in our Nevada City, CA Shop

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